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Marcel Ciolacu will dismiss the management of AMEPIP

Marcel Ciolacu will dismiss the management of AMEPIP

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 15 iulie

Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu declared, on Friday, during a press conference held at the PSD headquarters, that he will demand the resignation of those deemed incompatible after the selection procedures on the corporate governance ordinance for...

France, Romania's third commercial partner

France, Romania's third commercial partner

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 12 iulie

Romanian-French trade relations are at a high level as long as France ranks third in the dynamics of Romania's economic relations with other countries, being also the third foreign investor in our country, but also in the top 10 - 9th place...

Study: Air pollution causes many deaths

Study: Air pollution causes many deaths

O.D.English Section / 8 iulie

Pollution literally suffocates people. Fine particulate air pollution is responsible for about 7 percent of deaths in ten major Indian cities, a study estimates, pointing out that mortality remains high even among relatively unpolluted...

Viktor Orban a sosit la Kiev

Viktor Orban a sosit la Kiev

S.B.Internaţional / 2 iulie

Premierul Ungariei Viktor Orban, a cărui ţară deţine preşedinţia prin rotaţie a Consiliului Uniunii Europene, a sosit marţi dimineaţă la Kiev pentru discuţii cu preşedintele Volodimir Zelenski, a anunţat Bertalan Havasi, şeful biroului de presă...

Illustration by MAKE

Europe's air traffic nightmare

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 2 iulie

Air transport seems to face serious problems every summer season. The large number of flights scheduled during the summer, the lack of available slots and the unfavorable weather conditions caused by climate change lead to the cancellation or...

Sportivii ruşi îşi fac loc la Jocurile Olimpice

Sportivii ruşi îşi fac loc la Jocurile Olimpice

O.D.Ziarul BURSA #Sport / 1 iulie

Sportivii din Rusia şi Belarus au primit o mică şansă pentru a putea ajunge la Paris şi o parte dintre ei au deci să profite de ea. Comitetul Internaţional Olimpic a autorizat 22 de sportivi ruşi şi 17 belaruşi să participe sub drapel neutru la...

Russian athletes make their way to the Olympics

Russian athletes make their way to the Olympics

O.D.English Section / 1 iulie

Athletes from Russia and Belarus have been given a small chance to reach Paris and some of them have to take advantage of it. The International Olympic Committee authorized 22 Russian and 17 Belarusian athletes to participate under a neutral flag...

Edward Iordănescu: "After the incredible atmosphere in Munich, came the lesson of support and affection in Koln. The most emotional moments for me as a coach so far. I am grateful and thank you personally, but also on behalf of the entire staff and of the national team locker room, on behalf of all our boys!" (Photo source: facebook / Edi Iordănescu)

EURO 2024: qualifying in eighths and mass arithmetic

Dan NicolaieEnglish Section / 26 iunie

Dan Nicolaie

The national team plays today a decisive match for the qualification to the round of 16 of EURO 2024. The situation in our group is complicated enough that anything is possible. Against this background, football fans have rediscovered arithmetic...

Torrential rain and flooding in Europe and Asia

Torrential rain and flooding in Europe and Asia

O.D.English Section / 26 iunie

Rain and floods wreak havoc in Europe and Asia. Wild nature creates big problems. The search continues in Switzerland for the three people reported missing following the devastating floods that occurred in the south-east of this country, while a...

Regulile unui look de vară epic

Regulile unui look de vară epic

Comunicate de presă / 21 iunie

Căldură şi machiaj sunt două cuvinte care nu se înţeleg deloc bine pe temperaturile sahariene cu care ne confruntăm în ultimii ani vara. Dacă te-ai plictisit să cauţi make-up-ul perfect care să reziste la 35 de grade Celsius (pont: nu mai căuta,...

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