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A real tax reform or a new patch?

A real tax reform or a new patch?

Theodor StolojanEnglish Section / 18 aprilie

Theodor Stolojan

Through the National Recovery and Resilience Program (PNRR), Romania has committed to carrying out tax reform in 2025. Until the elections for the Romanian Parliament in December 2024, citizens would have the opportunity to participate in an...

Election campaign "corrector" for priests

Election campaign "corrector" for priests

O.D.English Section / 12 martie

Election campaigns manage to upset the political world, but the effects are felt in all layers of society. BOR servants are no exception. The leadership of the Romanian Orthodox Church approved a "Correcting" which refers to the attitude...

CSM has a new leadership

CSM has a new leadership

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 6 decembrie 2023

Judge Denisa-Angelica Stănişor and prosecutor Emilia Ion were elected, yesterday, in the positions of president and vice-president of the Superior Council of the Magistracy for next year, the mandate of the new leadership will start on January 7,...

The analysis also highlights certain risks that are rarely mentioned in the context of climate discussions. One of these is the accumulation of space debris, which threatens to create chain collisions that could make Earth's orbit unusable for our satellites - many of which serve to warn us of weather disasters. (Photo source: orbitaldebris.jsc.nasa.gov/photo-gallery/)

Report: Six threats to human life

O.D.English Section / 27 octombrie 2023

Climate change is causing significant concern. The planet is genuinely threatened, say more and more people, but the statement holds more weight when it comes from experts. A new report from the Institute for Environment and Human Security at the...

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