Musical events, "complicated" by medical issues

Musical events, "complicated" by medical issues

O.D.English Section / 21 februarie

Classical music lovers must be patient, after the main events of the beginning of the year have been postponed. The concerts in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest by tenor Placido Domingo, scheduled to take place on February 23 and 26, will be...

Photo source: facebook / Untold

Emergency terrorists and pedophiles untold

I.Ghe.English Section / 31 ianuarie

The preparation of some terrorists in our country with the "blessing" of the Secretary of State Raed Arafat and the involvement of Bogdan Buta, patron of the Untold festival, in a pedophilia scandal are the press materials that Sorin...

Craiova National Theatre on Tour in Madrid

Craiova National Theatre on Tour in Madrid

O.D.English Section / 18 ianuarie

Until January 21, actors from the National Theatre "Marin Sorescu" in Craiova are on tour in Madrid, where they have been invited by Teatros del Canal, one of the most prestigious theater institutions in Spain, part of the...

Romania - in Schengen, by air and by water

Romania - in Schengen, by air and by water

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 18 ianuarie

The government was focused in the 4th financial quarter to reduce the budget deficit that it faced in the middle of the year and in the 3rd quarter, so that the officials in Brussels do not block the allocation of funds for our country from the...

Photo source: facebook/CCSBuc

Old Music at the Student Culture House

O.D.English Section / 15 decembrie 2023

The rediscovery of roots, including musical ones, is crucial for the formation of young individuals. From December 16th to 17th, 2023, the 15th edition of the project "Small Week of Early Music" will take place at the Student Culture...

Photo source: facebook /AcademiaRomana

The Romanian Academy Awards for 2023

O.D.English Section / 8 decembrie 2023

The Romanian Academy awarded its prestigious prizes yesterday. Actress Rodica Mandache, writer Mircea Mihăieş, historian Ilie Schipor, Byzantinologist Petre-Radu Guran, and critics Ioan Cristescu and Ionel-Mircea Vartic are among the laureates of...

LGBTQ marriages blessed by the Anglican Church

LGBTQ marriages blessed by the Anglican Church

I.GHE.English Section / 17 noiembrie 2023

The Anglican Church introduces - on an experimental basis - religious services to bless the marriages of same-sex couples, after the motion initiated in this regard received a favorable vote from the Synod of this church, according to an article...

Concerts canceled due to lack of funding

Concerts canceled due to lack of funding

O.D.English Section / 13 noiembrie 2023

The connection between culture and money is tighter than spectators and creators would wish. In the absence of funding, it is challenging to conceive a culturally significant event. Sometimes, incomprehensible situations arise where both...

West University promotes cultural diplomacy

West University promotes cultural diplomacy

O.D.English Section / 8 noiembrie 2023

West University Timişoara (UVT) is promoting cultural diplomacy as part of the Timişoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture program in November, offering four international concerts featuring Alexandru Tomescu and Sînziana Mircea to audiences in...

 ANPC a închis temporar Gilda Music Lounge din Bucureşti

ANPC a închis temporar Gilda Music Lounge din Bucureşti

F.D.Companii / 7 noiembrie 2023

Comisariatul Regional pentru Protecţia Consumatorilor Regiunea (CRPCR) Bucureşti-Ilfov a desfăşurat, la sfârşitul săptămânii trecute, o acţiune de control la "Gilda Music Lounge", din Centrul Vechi al Capitalei, aflată în administrarea SC...

Taxes, constitutionally validated; War in Israel

Taxes, constitutionally validated; War in Israel

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 7 noiembrie 2023

The terrorist attacks that took place on October 7 in Israel, followed by the bombing of Gaza by the armed forces led from Tel Aviv, the attack in Brussels and the return of terrorist threats in the states of Western Europe made October the...

Photo source: facebook / cnrunesco

Iaşi joins UNESCO creative cities network

O.D.English Section / 2 noiembrie 2023

Culture serves as an international passport for certain communities. Iaşi is one of the 55 new cities joining the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) following their designation by the organization's Director-General, Audrey Azoulay....

Photo source: facebook / Il Volo

Famous trio on tour in our country

O.D.English Section / 19 septembrie 2023

Classical music lovers "wrapped" in a modern show have good news this autumn. Three concerts by the famous Italian trio Il Volo will take place in Romania, at the BT-Arena in Cluj-Napoca (September 30), at Oradea Arena (October 2, in...

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