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France, Romania's third commercial partner

France, Romania's third commercial partner

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 12 iulie

Romanian-French trade relations are at a high level as long as France ranks third in the dynamics of Romania's economic relations with other countries, being also the third foreign investor in our country, but also in the top 10 - 9th place...

Photo source: facebook / Edi Iordănescu

EURO 2024: Coach Iordănescu, appeal to supporters

O.D.English Section / 14 iunie

The national team entered the fever of the debut match at the final tournament of the European Championship. Before the start of the tournament, the coach Edward Iordănescu sent a message to the supporters stating that the national team needs...

Photo source: www.frf.ro

EURO 2024, we have someone to support!

Dan NicolaieEnglish Section / 13 iunie

Dan Nicolaie

EURO 2024 is knocking on our door and it would be polite to open it. Tomorrow, the ball starts with a dance (Germany - Scotland) in which it is possible to lack fantasy, but we are sure that there will be no discount from the effort. The most...

Climate - new temperature records

Climate - new temperature records

O.D.English Section / 10 aprilie

Breaking temperature records has become a habit, but not an auspicious one. From all over the world comes news of rising temperatures. The National Bureau of Meteorology in the Philippines has issued a warning regarding a heat index of up to 51...

Photo source: facebook/UnivBabesBolyai

International medals for UBB students

O.D.English Section / 1 martie

Students from the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Management of "Babeş-Bolyai" University (UBB) in Cluj-Napoca won a gold and a bronze medal at the international case study competition in Madrid. According to the educational...

Russia's economic forecast, revised upward by VEB

Russia's economic forecast, revised upward by VEB

A.V.English Section / 19 februarie

Estimates for Russia's economic growth over the coming years were updated late last week, and according to the national economic development institute VEB, the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is expected to grow by 2% in 2024, up...

Photo source: sport.gov.ro

Local sport has awarded its performers

O.D.English Section / 16 februarie

Local sport lives through its performers. It is natural that they should be rewarded for their work. Mircea Lucescu, Simona Radiş, Ancuţa Bodnar and Cătălin Chirilă were rewarded, on Wednesday, with the most important prizes at the Romanian...

The apocalypse is coming hour by hour

The apocalypse is coming hour by hour

Dan NicolaieEnglish Section / 13 februarie

Dan Nicolaie

This Sunday I decided to put the TV to work. As my physique did not allow me some walks in the open air, and my inattention blocked my access to books (I sat on my glasses, not the sun) I found myself caught in the tentacles of TV news programs....

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