S&P Global buys research platform Visible Alpha

S&P Global buys research platform Visible Alpha

A.V.English Section / 21 februarie

Financial data company S&P Global is acquiring financial technology provider Visible Alpha, Reuters reports, noting that the parties did not disclose the value of the transaction. S&P Global announced this strategic move as part of its...

Cyber-challenge: messenger service clones

Cyber-challenge: messenger service clones

O.D.English Section / 6 februarie

The inventiveness of cybercriminals knows no bounds. Without careful attention one can hardly tell the difference between what is true and what is false, and any error can be very costly. Clones of WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal are a popular...

Cultural digitization: Funds of 45 million euros

Cultural digitization: Funds of 45 million euros

O.D.English Section / 6 februarie

European funds in the amount of 45 million euros will be used for digitization in the cultural field, from everything that means approval, authorization, certification of interventions in the construction of heritage buildings, respectively of...

The exhibition "Green Week 2024" represents both a business platform and a festival of gastronomic and folklore traditions with far-reaching media impact in Europe and worldwide. In 2023, over 300,000 visitors crossed the threshold of the exhibition. Photo source: facebook / Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development)

Romanian Agri-Food Products Promoted in Berlin

O.D.English Section / 22 ianuarie

Food can be a great ambassador for a nation, and local dishes have a new chance to be recognized internationally. Romanian agri-food products recognized at both national and European levels will be promoted at the 88th edition of the "Green...

Millions of Lei for Domestic Research

Millions of Lei for Domestic Research

O.D.English Section / 11 ianuarie

The Ministry of Research, Innovation, and Digitalization has launched the competition for the "Demonstrative Experimental Project" funding instrument, with a budget of 53,000,000 lei, funds from the National Plan for Research,...

The image has an illustrative role. Source: facebook / Romanian Air Force

MApN acquires missile systems worth 9.48 billion lei

I.Ghe.English Section / 20 noiembrie 2023

The Ministry of National Defense, through its subordinate company, Romtehnica, has launched the public procurement procedure for short and very short-range air defense systems SHORAD/VSHORAD - state-of-the-art surface-to-air missiles, the...

Reality is stronger than "magical thinking"

Reality is stronger than "magical thinking"

Călin RecheaEnglish Section / 20 noiembrie 2023

The narrative thread of Ukraine's resistance to Russia in the Western media, especially the one regarding the real chances of the counter-offensive to open the way to Crimea, has broken badly in recent weeks.

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