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Photo source: facebook / Bonas

Bonas - growing revenue and profit

A.I. English Section / 29 noiembrie

Dairy producer Bonas achieved, in the third quarter, a net profit of 0.5 million lei, compared to a loss of around 0.1 million lei in the same period last year, while total revenues amounted to 22.2 million lei, 26% more than in the third quarter...

COP28 - Climate Change, a Threat to Human Health

COP28 - Climate Change, a Threat to Human Health

O.D.English Section / 28 noiembrie

Humanity is facing increasingly numerous threats, many of which are self-inflicted, and nature seems less willing to aid humans. Experts argue that we have reached a point of no return, and if humanity does not realize the gravity of the...

Photo source: facebook / SOCEP

85% subscription in the Socep capital increase

A.I. English Section / 24 noiembrie

The shareholders of the port operator Socep subscribed 85% of the new securities issued as part of a capital increase through which the company wanted to attract around 34.6 million lei, according to reports from the Bucharest Stock Exchange...

Photo source: prospectiuni.com

Growing business and profit for Prospecţiuni

A.I. English Section / 24 noiembrie

Prospecţiuni Bucharest, a company controlled by businessman Ovidiu Tender, reported for the first nine months of the year a turnover of 187.3 million lei, 54% more than in the same period last year, and a net profit of 25.3 million lei, well...

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Global debt hit a new record high of $307.4 trillion

Călin RecheaEnglish Section / 21 noiembrie

Călin Rechea

Global debt rose in Q3 2023, after a slight decline in the previous quarter, as funding costs continued to rise, to $307.4 trillion, according to the latest Global Debt Monitor (GDM) report from the Institute of International Finance (IIF).

Safetech Innovations wants to expand in Saudi Arabia

Safetech Innovations wants to expand in Saudi Arabia

ANDREI IACOMIEnglish Section / 17 noiembrie

The shareholders of the cyber security solution developer Safetech Innovations (SAFE) are summoned, on December 21, to approve the establishment of a company in Saudi Arabia, according to a company report published yesterday on the website of the...

Economic growth of 2.2%, deficit of 6.3%

Economic growth of 2.2%, deficit of 6.3%

I.GHE.English Section / 16 noiembrie

Our country will register at the end of 2023 an economic growth of 2.2% and a budget deficit of 6.3% of the Gross Domestic Product, the European Commission estimates in the forecast published yesterday by the institution from Brussels.

Sebastian Burduja, the Minister of Energy, stated: "There are Romanians who are still struggling with poverty and energy poverty. That is why I am very happy that today (ed. - yesterday) I can announce that, together with Mr. Dumitru Chisăliţă (ed. - president of AEI) and the Intelligent Energy Association, the Ministry of Energy signs a partnership to combat poverty energetic".

Support for the electrification of needy households

George MarinescuEnglish Section / 14 noiembrie

More than 1000 needy households will benefit from the necessary support for heating during this winter according to the "Heated houses for needy families" project launched yesterday with the conclusion of the Partnership to Combat Energy...

Get a hold of it, you can't escape!

Get a hold of it, you can't escape!

Calin RecheaEnglish Section / 13 noiembrie

Calin Rechea

During this year's RIGC (Romanian International Gas Conference), the Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism, Ştefan-Radu Oprea, stated that green energy and carbon capture and storage can provide a competitive advantage to our...

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